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Tenant File, an industry-leading rental property management software provider, has announced that users of their Tenant File software for property managers and landlords can now book over-the-phone training sessions through the company’s website. The over-the-phone training sessions are a supplement to the how-to guides and training videos that the software company already provides customers through its website, which is provided in the contact information below. New and updating customers enjoy a period of free phone support where they can speak directly with a Tenant File Support expert.

“While the Tenant File is regarded as one of the easiest software programs to use, it is still advisable to have one or more office personnel take advantage of remote training to get started quickly and acquire a good working knowledge of the software,” states owner Wayne Gathright. Tenant File’s rental property software telephone training sessions take place in 30-minute installments. Sessions consist of a software user discussing any questions or concerns they have about the software with a qualified Tenant File expert trained to handle such situations. Tenant File software experts are able to answer specific questions or walk a user through a step-by-step process.

The rental property management software company’s announcement of their telephone support services stresses the importance of preparedness prior to a telephone training or support session. Having questions ready or understanding the specific process that needs to be taken care of allows the user to utilize their time with the software expert most efficiently, according to the company.

Tenant File has the ability to remotely connect to a software user’s computer to better guide them through a process. Customers taking advantage of the training should set up the connection prior to the phone call. Instructions for how to set up the connection with the Tenant File expert’s computer are available on their website, which is provided below.

Email, fax, and internet support has no time limit, and is always available at no cost.

The cost of the phone training and support sessions, if past the free phone support period, is $60.00 for a 30-minute session, with extra minutes billed at a rate of $3.00/minute. To book training sessions, users first pay for the session through Tenant File’s website and then call their customer support line to schedule the appointment time. The company states that they generally require a few days of booking notice prior to a session, however they will try to accommodate urgent needs. Further details can be found at

Tenant file has been a property management software industry-leader for over 20 years. The company’s founder started the company after developing software as a project for a realtor and property manager who owned or managed over 500 homes. Soon after its inception, the software received a rave review in PC Computing magazine. With the shift to Windows operating systems the company was able to adjust their software and maintain success throughout the many different Windows updates and new releases. The company prides itself on providing versatile, user-friendly software that adapts to both the needs of property managers and owners as well as emerging technology. Tenant File also places a significant focus on providing industry-standard customer service.

Company: Tenant File
Address: 6705 Hwy 290 West, Suite 502 # 218, Austin, TX 78735
Sales: 1-800-398-3904
Support: 1-512-288-1305

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