Matthew Boley - T PR C317, a rental-industry leading provider of resources and information for both landlords and tenants, is offering landlords the ability to conduct tenant screenings and access credit reports and tenant history through tools available on the website.

The tenant screening resources for landlords at place a priority on providing a quality tenant screening process at an affordable cost. After researching many different tenant screening options, partnered with ZipReports, a leading screening company, after finding the company to be the best option for the landlords who rely on their website for property management resources. Landlords who visit are able to access and utilize the ZipReports service using a link provided on their website. More information is available at . Landlords may also direct their prospective tenants to where the applicants can submit their screenings and pay for the service through the website. also provides information for landlords related to the importance of obtaining a quality screening for prospective tenants that encompasses a variety of different checks. “As a property manager,” the site acknowledges, “it is important that you know who you are renting to. With the screening packages, you are able to run previous rental history checks, criminal background checks, credit reports, sex offender searches, and much, much more — all at a fantastic price.” The website further notes that ZipReports, who they partnered with to provide the quality, cost-effective screenings, allows users to select either a screening package or from an ‘a la carte’ menu of individual screening options.

It is also important, according to, for landlords to ensure that the comprehensive screening tool they direct tenants to is completed quickly. The reports generated through ZipReports are available instantly, which helps landlords avoid the potential scenario of losing a prospective tenant while the results of a screen are in process.

The ZipReports tool on is used by individual landlords and property management firms throughout the country. Additionally, small business owners and Fortune 500 companies also frequently utilize the ScreenPro service from ZipReports.

Beyond assistance with tenant screening, provides a variety of other products and services for landlords, including property management software and an app that helps landlords with tenants in their area that have expiring or soon-to-be expiring leases. Further details can be found at

The website seeks to provide honest, ethical and helpful advice to both landlords and tenants. For more information on the services they offer, the company may be contacted by utilizing the contact information provided below.

Address: P.O. Box 90218, Austin, TX 78736
Phone: 1-512-796-3661

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