Lee Marvin Chivers 28 years old, an African American male was the victim of a debilitating car crash that left him unable to walk. Since that time, he has been tossed from one medical facility to the next, with no solution or treatment plan put in place on his behalf. His sister, Delsue Welch, naturally wants some answers regarding why her brother has been rejected by the American Healthcare industry.

“I thought I had heard of every degrading thing that could be said or done to a human being, just cut my brother’s leg off to make his body weight lighter” said Delsue Welch, sister of the victim. “My brother is disabled and lost his ability to walk 16-years ago on October 14, 2001. Since then, he has been tossed around facilities like another statistic, with no doctor or nurse making an effort to curb his painful bedsores.”

Lee Marvin Chivers has been a resident at a Nursing Home in Rusk Texas, Elkhart Oaks Care Center, in Elkhart Texas, Colonial Tyler Care Center, in Tyler Texas, Kerens Care Center, in Kerens Texas, Palestine Health Care, in Palestine Texas, Hearne Health Care, in Hearne Texas, Lampstand Health & Rehab in Bryan Texas.

“My brother has gone to hell and back,” said Delsue Welch. “His body has been riddled with bedsores and rotten to the bone for several years. No one wants to take responsibility or come up with an action plan.”

The family has reported negligent case several times to the state concerning Nursing Home Neglect. The Department of Family and Protective Services says when they did their investigation, none of the nursing homes were negligent. Click here https://youtu.be/q7qvsxd991c and do your own due diligence and see if you agree with DFPS Mission: The mission of the Texas department of family and protective services is to protect children, the elderly, and people with disabilities from abuse, neglect, and exploitation by involving clients, families, and communities.

“When lawyers see my brother’s photos of his bedsores, they accept the case with open hands,” said Delsue welch. “Then when they review the medical records, they are no longer interested. Why is that? What is the lie in the medical records?”

Delsue Welch reported her brother’s case to a news channel in Tyler Texas. The reporter was interested when he saw the photos of the bedsores. When he shared the story with his boss, they were no longer interested, leaving the family perplexed once again.

“Is my brother’s name coded “Use For Experimentally Purposes Only,” said Delsue Welch.

During the past month of June, Lee Marvin Chivers was hospitalized at Memorial Herman Southwest Hospital, where several unnecessary surgeries were performed. He was then transferred to Cornerstone Acute- Long-Term Care Hospital of Houston-Bellaire, where his sister was confronted with the unforgettable suggestion by Doctor William Nguyen. He suggested they amputate the leg: To make his body weight lighter because the pressure from his 189 pound body weight was causing the bedsores not to heal and that he is basically a paraplegic that lies in the bed all day and does nothing.”

“Animals are treated better than this,” said Delsue Welch. “Is this what our country has become? A place where cutting and chopping off disabled people’s body parts is the new weight loss procedure? My brother is a human being, and he will not be dismembered as a cure for bedsores.”

For more information, visit: https://youtu.be/q7qvsxd991c


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