Textappeal is the UK’s leading transcreation service provider and the company recently undertook the project to help international brands, Barings and Baileys get their ad campaigns to their global audience, with the perfect combination of technology and human resources.

The merging of Babson Capital Management merged with three other MassMutual companies in 2016 formed one of the largest global investment management firms in the world — Barings, with over 40 offices spread across 17 countries. This subsequently led to the somewhat daunting task of branding the new company and launching a global advertising campaign that extended across different continents.

Textappeal was given the job by North Carolina-based advertising and PR agency, Luquire George Andrews, to transcreate the advertising campaign to ensure it was effective enough to reach the target audience and help the business grow. Thanks to its team of multi-lingual experts and highly experienced copywriters with financial expertise, Textappeal was able to translate and fine-tune the campaign, allowing Barings reach its target audiences in different countries of the world.

The case was not particularly different with Baileys, after the brand launch a global campaign in November 2016 in a bid to reach its international market in Germany, Latvia, Nigeria, Mexico and Hungary. Mother London, UK’s largest independent advertising agency, assigned Textappeal the challenge of transcreating the tagline ‘Don’t Mind If I Baileys’ and take it beyond the shores of the United Kingdom and ensuring its global acceptance.

Textappeal delivered on the task by tailoring its local language talent to match the target demography of the advert. With the feminine gender being the major Baileys market, Textappeal ensured the translation did not only reflect local trends but also ensured it appealed to women by ensuring that 95% of the experts that supported the transcreation process were women.

The success of the two campaigns further underlines Textappeal’s passion to making international marketing effective, after helping several other international brands transcreate their campaigns and capture their market in different countries of the world.

About Textappeal

Textappeal is a United Kingdom-based transcreation services provider, helping international businesses break cross-cultural barriers and reach their target audience overseas. The concept of Textappeal is think culture first, emphasizing the company’s aim of not only translating adverts into local languages, but also ensuring the effectiveness of these campaigns.

Some of the services offered by Textappeal include Creative Consultation, Marketing Translation, Creative Writing, Global Rights Management, Localisation Services, Subtitling & Embedded Content, and State of the Art Recording Studios to ensure premium quality audio content.

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