Cuba’s collection of classic and contemporary architecture is unique in our hemisphere.  Cameras and drones will present the best representations of this unique grouping of architectural examples.  Cuba is the only Caribbean island showcasing every example of traditional classical architecture, a collection that has been called the most beautiful and significant in all the Americas.

Dr. Michael Connors, a celebrated authority on Cuba’s art, culture, and history, hosts the documentary which is based on his book The Splendor of Cuba.  Partnering with a Canadian production company for the drone footage, the video images recorded throughout the island and on the ground, will allow viewers to experience over 500 years of historic settlement and events that have influenced the architectural and interior design.

Only the most significant homes and building will be featured as Dr. Connors points out their interior and exterior features.  Along the way, artists, historians, Cuban exiles, and other prominent citizens as well as a new and growing group of young entrepreneurs will be interviewed.

English and Spanish language versions will be produced along with original recorded music on-location with supplemental archive and modern recordings.  Designed to be entertaining, educational, and informal, one program consultant put it best, “It could prove to be one of the most significant documentaries produced about Cuba with a shelf life of years to come.”

Interest from WPBT (PBS-Miami) to air and distribute the program nationally has been received.  Opportunities for streaming video along with traditional and cable networks are currently being explored.  The project cost, including on-location video shooting and post-production, is estimated to be $160,000.

The Kickstarter campaign, located on the web at ,  offers pledge levels from $10 to $9900, with rewards including a Facebook shout out, links to in-progress video clips and the completed program, on-screen contributor credit, customized messenger bag, benefactor credit, and a signed copy of Dr. Connor’s book The Splendor of Cuba.  For more information, visit the Kickstarter page.

About The Splendor of Cuba:

The Splendor of Cuba is a documentary on the rich architecture of Cuba from the 1500s to modern day.

Contact Person: Jay Arnold
Company: The Arnold Creative Group
Address: 3775 stewart ave, Miami, FL - US
Phone: 305-992-2744
Email: [email protected]

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