The Ballet Buffet: Recipe for Success When Teaching Technique by first-time author Brenda Bobby has met with wide appeal from dance instructors, judges, and parents alike, and is currently on the Amazon Bestseller List.

Dallas, TX – The Ballet Buffet: Recipe for Success When Teaching Technique is available on Amazon and is published by LJM Publishing LLC. Jennifer Wooten who reviewed the book wrote: “GREAT resource for any level to help with ballet technique! The book describes how to use imagery that any child would be familiar with to help them understand the correct way to execute basic Ballet technique. Five stars!”

This Amazon Bestseller, The Ballet Buffet: Recipe for Success When Teaching Technique, is the first in a series of books to written by Ms. Bobby and shares her successful process of using familiar food imagery to teach complex dance moves to dancers of all ages. It covers teaching the basic barre fundamentals. Book Two, due out in April, covers center work and Book Three will teach the imagery of across-the-floor work.

When asked the value she has found in using this method to teach ballet technique Ms. Bobby explained, “For example, when students imagine their leg spreading peanut butter on a piece of bread, they can easily create the sweeping motion of the basic tendu move, stretching and preparing the leg, ankle, and foot for more advanced skills.” Beautiful color illustrations demonstrate each move.

Ms. Bobby’s success in using this type of imagery to teach ballet dancers over 20 years speaks for itself. She developed what began as a single room dance studio in Pittsford, NY, to a large, nationally-recognized and awarded dance studio that combined raw talent and hard work to develop professional dancers. She currently runs a recreational program in Pittsford, NY, works as an educator, consultant and adjudicator for national competitions, conventions, studios, and individuals, and is now a bestselling author.

The book is available on in both e-book ($4.97) and paperback ($14.77) and bookstores everywhere. Ms. Bobby is available for interviews.

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