Construction of the biggest public telescope in Europe is now a reality and the project initiated by a group of dedicated astronomers is now seeking community support on Kickstarter. It is going to be a technologically superior, 4.5 meter high telescope and it will be located at the Astronomy and Science Centre in the South of Tenerife, Canary Islands in Spain. This location is known for its darkest sky and therefore, is ideal for an observatory. Another amazing thing about this telescope is that a high definition camera will be constantly attached to it and it will guarantee 24 hours per day online access to this telescope from all corners of the world.

“There are many great telescopes in observatories and astronomical outposts but since they are used by scientists for greater causes, a common man rarely gets a chance to gaze in the night skies from a high-tech telescope.” Said one of the astronomers of this project. “Our aim behind this project is to offer everyone a chance to observe the sky with their own eyes whenever they want.” He added. Furthermore, the managing team of this telescope comes different places around the globe and their multilingual abilities will enable contributors from different cultures and languages to be a part of this project with ease.

According to the astronomer, the telescope will have a Dobsonian Construction, which is the brightest type and allows the best quality of optical observations. Moreover, it is also a reasonably light construction, meaning that the telescope can be relocated at any time if required. Moreover, Tenerife is considered one of the best places for stargazing for its nearly non existing light pollution.

The Kickstarter Campaign is located on the web at: and it offers several pledges with great rewards. Supporters can generously back this project from €30 ($33) to €500 ($557) with rewards such as a yearlong free and unlimited access for €30 and a chance to operate the telescope in person at the Astronomy Center when it is ready.

About This Project

The Biggest Public Telescope is a European project that aims at the construction of the biggest public telescope in the world. Large and technologically advanced telescopes have been used by the astronomers for observing the skies but they were never accessed by the common man. However, this telescope will be accessed both online and in-person by anyone who backs the construction of this project on Kickstarter.

Contact Person: Aleksandra Marzena Blaszczyk
Company: Uroborus S.L.
Address: Avenida El Guincho 4 Urb Atlantic J10021, Chafiras, Santa Cruz de Tenerife - Spain
Phone: 0034692201179
Email: [email protected]

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