The Book of Century Sentence will be giving a picture of Chinese culture, Western culture and Islam for the greater satisfaction of the readers.

The aim of the author, Xu Xue Chun, is to instill to the minds of the present generation the commentaries on these countries.

The book is mainly consisted of three parts; commentary on China, commentary on Islam, and commentary on Western and other countries that will influence the political development and layout of China and the rest of the world.

Highlighted in the first part is the commentary on China as it analyzes the political phenomena of Chinese. All other significant things involved include subconscious, human consciousness, origin of Chinese culture and culture. The opinions included were based from the perspective of an ordinary worker and his aim to change the political environment in China.

Extreme remarks are presented by the author but these are as well deleted. These could somehow make a big difference on public opinion and affect the political direction of China. These could also ignite the interest of readers who unknowingly believe other things.

In regard with the commentary on Western and other countries, the emphasis is more on advancement as the very reason of their existence. Nevertheless, just like other countries, irreparable deficiencies are also common in the countries. These are completely revealed and these must be properly handled to avoid terrible things from happening.

XLIBRIS published this book in paperback format on the 17th day of October 2016. In its product dimension of 6x2x9 inches and in its English language, it can become the favorite of readers. The following subjects discussed in the book are appropriate to be known by people around the world.

It is expected that more people will be interested in buying the book of Century Sentence for their greater awareness of Chinese’s accusation against the world.

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