The Future is a creation of Nicholas Fisher, an inspiring young American entrepreneur who has decided to create an all-in-one robotic smoking device for all those who need to get a good high. Besides creating this futuristic recreational device, Nicholas has also promised to plant a new tree for each sale the company gets. Currently, the device is in developmental stage and Nicholas is seeking community support on the crowdfunding campaign of Indiegogo, welcoming everyone to generously participate in this project.

“Marijuana is medicine and it can open up so much opportunity for the Future to come.” Said Nicholas Fisher while introducing The Future on Indiegogo. “I plan to have three main branches, engineering, growing weed and affiliate marketing.” He added. According to the creator, this company will create several jobs and he will have adults working with him to make all the important legal decisions.

The goal of this Indiegogo campaign is to raise $50,000. Moreover, The Future will be built by a professional at Nicholas’s college with the use of 3D printing to keep up with demand. Furthermore, he will be shipping this remarkable product to all corners of the world once it has been completely developed.

The Indiegogo Campaign is located on the web at: and supporters from around the world can participate in this project by making donations as well as pledges that can range from $10 to $10000 or more with each pledge offering a great reward. Moreover, the details of all these pledges and their rewards are available on the campaign page of The Future.

About The Future

The Future is an all new robotic smoking device that can be used for recreational purposes by the people around the world. The creator is an American entrepreneur who has a vision to offer the people something they have never experienced before. He is now seeking community support for this device via Indiegogo and he is welcoming everyone to make their contributions in this project.

Contact Person: Nick Fisher
Company: Delicious Cannabis
Address: 186 Rockford RD
City: Kernersville
State: North Carolina
Phone: 3366242163
Email: [email protected]

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