The potential markets all over the world for sports gambling have been vastly misinformed due to lack of explanation in the changing policies of sports betting in the respective countries. This has created a need for online resource guides to inform those markets on the varying legal details and opportunities that are available to them in the range of sports gambling. As gambling laws are subject to frequent change, so are the guides that report on these changes. This resource guide that has been created is focused on informing not only citizens of the United States of America, but citizens from around the world on the changing policies in sports gambling. It functions as a global resource tool for individuals to educate themselves on the sports gambling industry and inform them on what to look for as the standards of the industry change. is an all-inclusive sports gambling resource guide that was created by a team of industry insiders with more than 20 years of experience in the industry. The team behind the creation of this guide are experienced online gambling writers, technical specialists, developers, and marketing professionals. They have devoted vast amounts of time in presenting this information in a clear and concise fashion to provide clarity on an overwhelming confusing industry as it crosses international boundaries. Currently, the guide only supports its US section at this time, but has already created the infrastructure needed to add in many of the world’s top sports gambling markets and plans to go live with those sections in the very near future.

This guide takes a unique approach compared to others when dealing with sports betting as it lists the major cities and teams that are located within those cities and allows you to search based on your favorite sports teams and clubs. It lists the sportsbooks that are more urgently aware of those particular money lines and offers a resource in sports betting that can’t be easily found anywhere else in that regard. It houses sections that will fully explain the legal details that pertain to your country, how to find a legally regulated sports book and how to vet such a sportsbook for legality so the patron no longer has to rely on outside sources of such clarity. It also provides information on the industry standard and what you can expect as a consumer in the sports gambling business.

When asked about the driving force behind the creation of this guide, Jacob Lloyd provided insight into the crucial nature of individuals being able to make informed decisions regarding their involvement in online gambling entertainment. “The most confusing part about online gambling is understanding the legal status, and what options are available from legitimate, legally sanctioned destinations,” Jacob explained. He went on to share some horror stories from his earlier days in the industry when it was much harder to vet the legitimacy of online gambling sites. He doesn’t want to see anyone else experience the kinds of problems he encountered simply because he was not informed. The guide launched recently, and is expected to continue adding regional portals to cover multiple gambling markets from around the world.

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