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As mentioned on VacuumPick, the Hoover Linx cordless stick vacuum is definitely worth a closer look if you are on the market for something affordable and lightweight. It has very good suction power thanks to the Hoover wind tunnel technology and can at least keep up with or even pout perform many other vacuum cleaners. That is also what makes it effective for so many cleaning jobs, picking up cat litter, cleaning to the floor's edges, pet hair, ground in popcorn, sand and dirt. The brush system also helps with that as well as being able to move from hardwood to carpeted floors with ease at the tip of your finger.

From the testing done by's team, the tester noticed that the lithium-ion battery that powers the Hoover Linx cordless keeps working at full power even until 98% of its charge has been used up. This means it lasts longer than many over types of battery. You get steady power while you need it and at a constant outage so no sudden problems with loss of suction when you are cleaning. A lot of cordless cleaners have issues in this area and may only give you 50% of the charge before power loss. Battery life can be a problem too, but not with the Hoover Linx. The battery is easy to remove from the stick, can be put into the charger easily and simply and will start charging as soon as it is pushed home completely and makes contact. You know that has happened when there is an obvious click and a light comes on that is blue to indicate the charging has started. When it is complete the blue light then flashes Charge time is two to three hours usually but may take longer the first few times you use it.'s tester also noticed another issue that is also common with other stick cordless cleaners is the size of the dirt canister. Often these can be small which means having to empty it frequently. Some are not that easy to remove and dump either. The Hoover Linx Cordless Vacuum has a decent sized dirt canister that is easy to get off and to empty. The one thing worth mentioning though is the foam filters that can take a while to dry after they have been cleaned out. It is probably a good idea to have spare filters to use while waiting for the used ones to dry, thankfully they are quite cheap.

The Hoover Linx cordless vacuum has a lot going for it for a stick cleaner. It is light, has a decent dirt cup and a decent battery. It might be nice to have an extra battery so you can clean while the first is charging but that is something a lot of consumers have suggested to Hoover so all buyers can do is wait to see what they have to say about that. It is affordable too so right now is certainly one of the best options for stick cleaners on the market today.

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