Since its establishment in Germany years ago, UGO CABRET has always been the prominent classics representative of superb craftsmanship and "Made in Germany" transcendent quality.

The brand headquarters located in Germany is such a ubiety that filled with vitality and spirituality, and every corner of which manifests the uncompromising pursuit to great care, precision, and elegant and delicate tailoring process, so as to offer the world classic and perfect works every day.

Each pair of glasses in the UGO CABRET optical shop is distinctive. UGO CABRET sets up a new philosophy --- “your exclusive glasses”. UGO CABRET professional master craftsman team, by virtue of profound and skilled artisan craftsmanship and application of valuable materials, creates rare collectables!

UGO CABRET series after accompanying several generations for dozens of years has always scrupulously abided by the early heart and insisted on the launch of limited editions of glasses to set limitations on production worldwide so as to ensure rare treasures.

All along, UGO CABRET has been inheriting this solid and reliable quality of making perfection more perfect, and has been continuing to push out innovative products to success historical concise and cultural connotation. The UGO CABRET series, which contains infinite magnificence and pride, draw inspiration from many classic designs and structures, inherit the innovation spirit of people at the age of industrial revolution to make progress and do self-challenging, combine independence, respect traditions, and innovate and upgrade quality and processes, and so continue to get rid of the stale and bring forth the fresh.

Media contact
Company Name: UGO CABRET Glasses
Address: Otto-Hahn-Ring 681739, Munchen, Germany
Tel: +49 7259 376375
Fax: +49 7259 376351

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