Manila, Philippines – The Opulence Skin is always looking for new ways to improve its products to meet the needs of clients. Dan Santos, product manager at The Opulence Skin, announced that the company has made changes to the packaging of its Glutathione Philippines capsules while improving efficacy.

“Our Opulence Nutrawhite L-Glutathione Plus Boosters remain safe, are even more effective than previous batches, and provide excellent results,” said Santos.

Consumers will see a slight change in the shape and style of the bottle, along with minor changes in the labeling to conform to FDA regulations. The Opulence Skin has also made a small change in its formula to enhance stability and efficacy. The formerly “clear” capsule has been replaced with a “white” vegetarian capsule.

The Opulence has replaced selenomethionine, a naturally occurring amino acid, with a botanical milk thistle extract. The change gives the capsules a light yellow color, while preserving the same level of efficacy that discerning customers demand.

The body manufactures glutathione, a natural antioxidant that protects against a wide range of pollutants that transform into free radicals within the body. Free radicals cause damage at the cellular level, resulting in fine lines and wrinkles. Glutathione production can be interrupted by stress, aging, diagnostic procedures, frequent air travel, over-the-counter remedies and prescription medications.

Opulence Nutrawhite L-Glutathione Plus Boosters can help bolster the body’s glutathione production for younger looking skin that’s also lighter and brighter appearing. This glutathione capsule in the Philippines work to improve immune function and aid in resistance to infections and pathogens. When sufficient glutathione is present, individuals experience improved energy levels, muscle function and strength, along with greater mental focus.

The Opulence Skin wants customers to be aware of the company’s changes in packaging for its Opulence Nutrawhite L-Glutathione Plus Boosters and know that they’re minor and cosmetic in nature. A slight change has been made to the ingredients of the glutathione whitening capsule in the Philippines formula that renders the capsules slightly different in color, while maintaining the same level of safety and efficacy customers have come to trust.

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The Opulence Skin offers effective yet affordable skincare products, proudly made in the Philippines using the best local and imported ingredients, studied and developed by some of the top-notch chemists and dermatologists in the country. We take pride in the fact that we are among the few locally surviving brands out there in the market that is truly Pinoy in spirit. Individuals can connect with the brand on Facebook and Instagram.

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