LOUISVILLE, KY – The Safai Foundation, the grassroots organization on a mission to help farming communities “nurture their lands and families,” is proud to announce the launch of its new website. The new web portal is the latest online initiative that enables The Safai Foundation raise awareness of its causes and put a spotlight on the plight of the thousands of Hondurans, and other farming communities, whose livelihood largely depends on coffee production and trade.

“We firmly believe our new website communicates our mission and goals in the best possible way” said Sarah Height from The Safai Foundation. “We are looking forward to connecting with like-minded individuals, who believe that it is time for a shift in coffee production and trade, and are looking for ways to make their contribution to the cause – no matter where in the world they may be.”

Founded in 2013 by Mike and Medora Safai, who, at the time, counted 15 years as the owners and operators of a small-kiosk coffee roasting business in Louisville, Kentucky, The Safai Foundation has made great strides in meeting its goals in an incredibly short time span. In just five years, The Safai Foundation has successfully replanted 30 Honduran coffee-producing farms which had been ravaged by coffee rust; while it has also launched the La Rivera Hernandez Stimulus Project, which has provided community members with economic opportunities by offering them employment in an ethically-made canvas tote bag-making initiative. What’s more, The Safai Foundation is supporting its work through Safai Coffee, a direct-traded specialty coffee that, through cutting out middlemen buyers and sellers, allows for a significant improvement in the wages and standard of living of Honduran coffee farmers.

Giving back to its local Louisville, Kentucky community, The Safai Foundation is also opening the Logan St Market, which is set to open September 2018 and offer the Shelby Park, Smoketown, Old Louisville, Germantown, Paristown, and Schnitzelburg neighborhoods with accessibility to fresh and affordable food, as well as to educational opportunities.

Those wishing to support The Safai Foundation can do so through here.

To learn more about The Safai Foundation, please visit: http://www.safaifoundation.org

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Company Name: Safai Foundation
Address: 900 East Kentucky Street
Phone: (502) 222-8922
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