29, July 2017: The Shipping Container Co, a company that specializes in shipping containers, has announced that it is now delivering containers to customers in the Seattle Metro area and within a 350-mile radius of the city on the US Western seaboard. The company, which operates in both Seattle and Dallas, says that all containers can be delivered by road to customer addresses within 4 to 7 working days. All customers are required to do, they say, is pick the size and condition of the container they want, enter their zip code into the company’s website and then instantly get a quote for the job.

The Shipping Container Co began with the aim of improving shipping container delivery services throughout the US. The founders of the company wanted to provide people with quality shipping containers which all conformed to a standard grading system. By splitting their containers up into three groups - cargo worthy, wind/water tight and one-trip - The Shipping Container Co hopes to offer customers increased choice. Using the company's grading system, customers pick the quality of shipping container they require for their purposes without having to pay additional costs.

The company’s strategy for its latest expansion beyond the Seattle Metro area is to offer customers transparent pricing. Although the company offers used shipping containers, it hopes to attract customers by segmenting its market by container type and giving customers pricing information immediately. Unlike some of its competitors, The Shipping Container Co does not require its customers to fill out quotes or speak to sales people to make their order. Instead, pricing information is available directly through the company’s website.

Although the company is expanding its delivery area outside of Seattle, it hopes to keep delivery times short. It believes that customers should not have to wait weeks to receive their containers. It has developed a system where deliveries are scheduled quickly and ensures that clients are kept up to date with the progress of their order.

The new service is important because it will allow those living outside of the major metro area to get shipping containers delivered to their premises. With the large rural population in Washington State and beyond, this should help The Shipping Container Co expand its reach to the surrounding communities and grow its business. Currently, the prices for shipping containers range from $2690 to $6170, with lower prices for wind/water tight containers and higher prices for one-trip containers.

The company also offers containers in different sizes, depending on the needs of customers. Customers can order standard 8 feet by 20 feet and 8 feet by 40 feet containers, as well as 8 feet by 40 feet "high cube." Regular deliveries are made to Mount Vernon, Port Angeles, Bellingham, Portland OR, Yakima, Wenatchee, Moses Lake, Salem OR, Kennewick, Corvallis OR, Eugene, Spokane, Pullman, Bend OR, Lewiston ID, and Roseburg OR.

Those who are interested in having containers delivered to their location should go on the company’s website at https://shippingcontainerco.com/ and select the type of container they need to get a quote. Alternatively, they can use the contact information provided below.

For Media Contact:
Person Name: Danny Fiefia
Company: The Shipping Container Co
Phone: (206) 483-2362
Email: [email protected]
Website: https://shippingcontainerco.com/

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