LOS ANGELES, CA, April 17, 2016 — A New Don by James Livezey Kulick brings an imaginative look into the hot topic of gays in the Mafia. Packed with assassination attempts, extortion, intrigue and laughs, the Agatha Christie ending will literally haunt your dreams.

This new bestseller is a radically innovative comedy/noir. Joe Rosen is a gay in a Jewish household who can never please his mother. His father, who is the Don over five major East Coast mafia families, is assassinated. Now Joe, a non-made gay man, has to take over the family business, which includes the headaches of one scrap metal recycling plant, several side businesses of questionable origin, and of course, the responsibility of presiding over these five mafia families.

Then throw into the mix that Joe has feelings for his best friend (and adopted brother) who is definitely not Jewish. Joe survives assassination attempts on his life and lives in the constant pressure of a homophobic Mafia. Readers become part of Joe’s struggles and antics in claiming his rightful place as Don.

A New Don has all the drama of the Sopranos, yet pulls into it a colorful comedy/noir family with a Mafia cliffhanger final revelation to rival the best whodunit on your bookshelf!

“This emotional gambit is a must read!” ~ Sandra E. Bowen, Prize-Winning Author of This Day’s Madness

“You will laugh your way through every page.” ~ Bob Lind, Echo Magazine

James Livezey Kulick, award-winning novelist always had one saying that summed up his purpose-driven life. “This is not a dress rehearsal, so make it count!” Hence, his stick-to-itiveness, when it came to his passion for writing.

Kulick was known by his friends as a teller of jokes and aggressively loyal. In major Arizona newspapers, he was in print as “powerful” with his work as an activist to the underdog and a “showstopper” in his musical/movie days. Moreover, his church knew him to be outstanding in loyalty, service, and dedication. Among the numerous awards given to him was the prestigious Diamond in the Desert, Angel in Action, and an award from President Bill Clinton for Leadership in the advance for change. It is no wonder that a novel of this magnitude evolved from the vastness of his heart and soul.

Since the passing of James, Karl Kulick, his husband is available for interviews about the book.

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