There is anxiety about the National Security Agency PRISM spying; Swiftcoin can help. Learn about this application that sends anonymous, encrypted mail without actually using email servers at

Swiftcoin Hides Meta Data and Messages from Prying Eyes

Unlike Gmail, yahoo and many other applications that use @ and are easily intercepted by prying eyes without a user’s knowledge or consent, the Swiftcoin application, featuring military grade encryption, relies on math puzzles to ensure nobody is aware of what a user is thinking, reading and writing online. Swiftcoin enables users to change their “from” address every time they send mail and every time they receive it. Welcome to the deep Internet, where Swiftcoin is the coin of the realm. Swiftcoin communications and payments are sent without metadata, making it nearly impossible to identify the sender and receiver. SSL and encrypted email is a good idea but will not protect a user’s privacy if snoops have a back door key at the server. . Swiftcoin, built by former military coders, is any user’s best ally in the struggle against an Orwellian police state. Learn more at  

How to Avoid the NSA Data Vacuum: Use Swiftcoin

Recent developments demonstrate that powerful corporations and governments intend to record all users’ activity online and store it in a vast data base, to be used against them at any time in the future. Every email and every credit card purchase will be archived. One way to opt of this is to Swiftcoin mails and payments. Instead of common emails, encrypted or not, one can communicate anonymously by using the telegram feature of Swiftcoin. Swiftcoin gives users military grade encryption combined with an infinite number of unique sender and receiver ids such that every conversation is both the first and the last using the Swiftcoin eWallet. Learn more at  

How it Works: Swiftcoin Encrypts Mail, Makes Every Sender Unique Every Time

The privacy of data sent via email is in serious doubt. In the past 12 months, the firm Proofpoint has found that 44% of American companies suffered a breach of confidential data sent by email. Part of the solution is the Swiftcoin application, developed to transmit encrypted mail and payments. The Swiftcoin e-Wallet provides instant, encrypted and anonymous mail without using “@” Senders and receivers are not identifiable by name and communication content is stored only on the user’s device. The Swiftcoin server has no records.  

Swiftcoin Equals Free, Encrypted Communication

Swiftcoin is the solution to securing Internet communications against mass surveillance. With all the revelations about the surveillance vacuum that sucks everything into it; it’s easy to feel powerless. But no one should be. Technology taketh privacy away; and technology giveth it back again…if users know how to use it. With Swiftcoin one can send encrypted mails without email and without identifying themselves in the metadata. Only the content reveals their identity if they choose to do so, rendering surveillance ineffectual. No passing through any mail servers and no storage of their IP address. Internet users can now get their privacy back with Swiftcoin.  

Swiftcoin is Spy-Proof Mail

Many recent reports point to limitless government access to phones and Internet “metadata,” i.e. who users talked to, from where and for how long. Even if one has done nothing wrong. For anyone who doesn’t want to cooperate with this dragnet, Swiftcoin is their best tool. Developed by military computer programmers to conceal content and move freely between devices without revealing location, Swiftcoin is now available to the public.  

Protect Your Privacy Using Swiftcoin

Internet users running the Swiftcoin application present a challenge to eavesdroppers. This free application requires no identification or payment to download. Once installed, it enables users to opt out of the common email servers operated by large corporations that are obliged, under gag orders, to provide back door access to invasive, over reaching public and private interests. Swiftcoin, like numbered Swiss bank accounts, does not identify users by their names. Unlike bank accounts, the user number changes every time he/she presses the send button. The Swiftcoin application may be moved off the user’s computer into a pen drive and opened up again on another computer at will. Swiftcoin users can not be traced by name, by IP address or by device. Get yours today at

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