MACHTRAK with breakthrough microprocessor and transmitter technology has arrived as a true  Breakthrough for finding lost objects. Millions of people lose their credit cards or debit cards worldwide each day and pay banks for such liabilities .  MACHTRAK is a Microprocessor Antenna Security Chip that can be tracked, with a Smartphone.  MACHTRAK is a true revolutionary Microprocessor/battery/antenna package tracking chip device that will solve the problem of losing stuff and the High Tech tracker is about the size of a paper clip.

Range distance is  about 20 meters.

These are some of the most amazing features of this Ultimate Signal Tracking Device for lost or fallen objects:

-An Impressive signal Range of up to 50 Feet
-Uses a NASA adhesive Technology
-No Interference with the Bank EMV Chip of the Card
-Compatible with all Modern Smartphones
-Can Recover All Kinds of personal stuff Including Bank Cards, Passports, Wallet, Ski’s etc.
-It will even find Kids Lost in a Mall or in Crowd !

The Indiegogo Campaign is located on the web at: and it offers several great rewards including the MACHTRAK Chip itself for the pledges made. For as low as $30, supporters can back this project and get this transmitter that will make people breathe easier knowing they have the means to find something if dropped or misplaced.


MACHTRAK is a remarkable tracking solution that has been created to reshape the way people find their lost personal belongings. The device uses state of the art technology developed by NASA and is aimed at giving millions of users worldwide priceless peace of mind. The inventors are seeking community support for this project on Indiegogo and they are welcoming everyone for their support

Contact Person: Joseph LaMacchia
Company: MACHTRAK Technology
Address: Massachusetts
Phone: 5089853680
Email: [email protected]

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