06, April 2017: ThinkerFeed, a brand new, full-service online community and learning platform that builds open knowledge repositories using both collaborative ranking and sharing, this week officially launched its interactive platform for anyone intent on carving out accurate and effective ways to peruse the information they need from one singular site.

Borne from a passion for using technology to make online learning faster and easier, ThinkerFeed features learning material from all around the web collected by users into specialized feeds that are designed to help the site visitor learn any subject as quickly as possible.

“It seems impossible that no other startup has curated a platform for simply channeling high quality content and learning-related materials into specified repositories today,” said Founder of ThinkerFeed. “When we discovered individuals were without that kind of resource, we knew something needed to be done.”

ThinkerFeed features completely free information found from around the web, only requiring site visitors to either login with an account or through their Google portal. Once on the platform, viewers are able to utilize the Search Bar for specific topics they want to know more about.

For those without a specific topic in mind, they can scroll down and feast their eyes on the expansive subcategories, including software design patterns, sorting algorithms, semantic web, best-practices programming, RDF, computer programming, Comedy Central shows, Works by Matt Groening, New York City fiction, Comic Science Fiction, and the list goes on. By hovering over these categories, the amount of posts and sub feeds there within pop up to view.

“We’ve designed a user interface that is as simple and easy-to-use as possible,”. “Spread the word on the launch of our platform, and head on over today to master the art of online learning.”

For more information, visit: http://www.thinkerfeed.net/

For Media Contact:
Email: [email protected]
Website: https://thinkerfeed.net/

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