Michael Jackson, a decorated veteran and an inspiring American author has announced that he will seeking public support to turn his novel into a television series as well as a movie. Mike is a renowned name for many and he has also been featured on the CBS Morning Show, Virginia This Morning. ‘To Hell and Back’ is his masterpiece and the novel weighs approximately around 127,000 words. Mike is now seeking help from people for the screen adaptation of his inspiring life journey that has been a real roller-coaster. For the television and movie adaptation of this book, Mike is seeking public support on Kickstarter. The goal of this inspiring project is to raise $9,350 by Thursday May 4th, 2017 and everyone is welcome to back it on Kickstarter.

’To Hell and Back’ is my candid redemption memoir that documents my roller coaster journey through the peaks and valleys of undiagnosed bipolar disorder.” Said the author Michael Jackson while introducing ‘To Hell and Back’. “All this was cut short by my plunge into the vile and decrepit world of the homeless drug addict, as I sought to self-medicate my mental illness.” He added. The story covers his successful advancement from a rough childhood in the Philadelphia ghetto to a stint in the Marines, a successful business career, and a happy marriage. The book takes place on multiple continents and in many cities, with the unifying theme being the environments where the drug culture and mental illness clash in today's metropolises, small towns, and rural bus stations. The Author has known many of these places and has shared cardboard dwellings with their residents.

All funds raised through this Kickstarter campaign will go to the TV and Movie Adaptation of ‘To Hell and Back’ by Michael Jackson and everyone can back this inspiring project on Kickstarter using the link below: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/356168584/to-hell-and-back-published-novel-to-tv-series-and

About This Project:

‘To Hell and Back’ is an inspiring novel by Michael Jackson, an American hero and a true legend who has a life that is worth sharing with others. Mike is now seeking support on Kickstarter to crowdfund this project and is welcoming all the help he can receive.

Contact Person: Michael Jackson
Company: Mike Jackson - To Hell and Back
Address: South Chesterfield, VA - USA
Phone: 804-896-1185
Email: [email protected]
Website: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/356168584/to-hell-and-back-published-novel-to-tv-series-and

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