ToolVee, the online saw guides experts, has launched a comprehensive guide to help visitors choose the right saw. The website, dedicated to helping regular people find the tools they need for their particular application, has sifted through hundreds of the best models to find the very best on the market.

The level of detail and extent of research on the website is high. ToolVee has created content to help visitors with numerous saw-related issues, including how to choose a reciprocating saw, how to prevent table saw kickback and how to choose a tile saw. The website also has reviews on many different brands of saw, including DEWALT, Chicago Electric and Black & Decker. ToolVee hopes that with this information, people will be able to get the information they need to make informed decisions.

ToolVee was initially set up as a review site. Today, it is a comprehensive resource for contractors and tradespeople, as well as enthusiastic DIYers. The site purchases all of the tools it tests from the marketplace and then takes them to its lab for analysis. It's review process, however, doesn't start and finish with its own testing: all of the products it reviews are then further researched through consumer interviews and discussions with experts. This allows ToolVee to report both long and short term findings so that potential buyers know how saws will perform over an extended period of time.

ToolVee is committed to producing only the best content. As a result, the site only posts reviews on the top saws in each category. It claims that it only presents visitors of its site with tools that they will love so that they can decide what to buy quickly and easily. Essentially, the site is a billboard, filtering people towards the right products and helping them save time without wasting space on products that don’t perform to a high standard.

Each of the products on the site, ToolVee claims, took months of research and testing to review. Not only are each of the saws reviewed in-house, but the site also reaches out to other specialists outside of the organisation for their expert opinion, including scientists, engineers and industry professionals. Unlike many review sites, ToolVee does not accept any advertising from manufacturers or any payment to rank their models higher in its list of recommendations. Instead, every entry on the site is based on the overall balance of the evidence.

Visitors are able to read in-depth reviews, as well as find out information on practically any saw products they are considering buying for their DIY projects or their business. Each article on the site is organised logically and coherently to make them easy to understand and interpret. Each review lists and discusses product features before providing the reader with short, bullet-point pros and cons to help them come to a quick decision about whether a product meets their needs or not. There is also an FAQ section with additional, product-specific information.

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