The best time to audit and upgrade your attic insulation is April. You can avoid paying the outrageous utility bills this summer and feel a whole new level of comfort in your building. Check out the other must know tips for ensuring your building is properly insulated.

April 6, 2017 - Austin, TX — Stellrr Insulation & Spray Foam, an Austin-based, full-service insulation contracting company that specializes in providing homes and commercial properties with proper insulation for energy efficiency that aligns with building codes, this week announced the time is now to have your attic insulation upgraded before the grueling Texas summer months.

Borne from a passion for helping architects and developers make their buildings more energy efficient and thereby less costly down the road, Stellrr Insulation, through their spray foam product, is able to make attics completely insulated and comfortable, sparing air conditioning units from working overtime.

“When home and building owners find themselves servicing or replacing air conditioning units, that is the perfect time to sit down and consider the insulation problems in the building,” said Shawn Mansur, Author and Founder of Stellrr Insulation. “Though the best time to insulate a building is from the get-go, it’s never too late to look into spray foam, or blown fiberglass to bring your building up to today’s building codes.”

Stellrr works to air seal the building. When a closed-envelope system is chosen, the attic temperature is reduced to 3 to 5 degrees higher than the living area, instead of existing at 130 to 150 degrees throughout the summer.

The company also notes that a City of Austin building energy audit is required for homeowners before selling, if it is 10-years or older. The audit will uncover the lack of insulation, which may have smart buyers trying to lower your asking price. In other words, you can enjoy the comfort of a properly insulated building now, or pay for it when you sell the building, and never get to enjoy the benefits.

“Installing insulation immediately will prevent this kind of unwanted occurrence during real estate transactions,” said Mansur. “Overall, investing in insulation is a far less expensive ordeal than upgrading entire HVAC systems and continuing to pay expensive utility bills that result from under-insulated buildings. Now is the time for all Austin residents looking to establish an energy efficient home this summer.”

For more information, visit:

Shawn Mansur, 512-520-0044
401 Congress Ave #1540, Austin, TX 78701

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