CEO Promises that Star-Studded Cannabis Event Will be ‘Unlike Anything Anyone’s Ever Seen Before’

Los Angeles, CA – Nicknamed “Craigslist for Cannabis”, the worlds largest online marketplace for cannabis products and services,, has announced today that the much anticipated annual BudTrader Ball will be held on Friday, April 20th in Los Angeles, CA this year. Traditionally the BudTrader Ball has always been held in San Diego but BudTrader recently opened a Santa Monica in preparation for its IPO in Canada in June.

Many in the cannabis space have been eagerly awaiting the announcement of the 2018 BudTrader Ball, and general admission tickets sold out within 48 minutes. Some of the VIP guest list for the red carpet event are pro athletes, celebrities, rappers and musicians, investors, cannabis business owners and high level politicians.
“The size and scope of the 2018 BudTrader Ball is unprecedented,” says CEO Brad McLaughlin. “When people ask me what I have planned for this year, I just tell them it’s going to be the greatest show on earth. My goal is to make it the greatest night of each attendee’s life.”

According to McLaughlin, the undisclosed location for the BudTrader Ball is around 10,000 square feet on a major movie studios private lot, and there will be a designated smoking patio. Each attendee on the star-studded guest list of 300 celebrities and influencers will be gifted one of BudTrader’s coveted swag bags, filled with top-end cannabis products and event exclusives, all personally curated for the event by McLaughlin and the BudTrader team. Guests can also anticipate a special celebrity DJ, along with a world renowned, top selling musical act. McLaughlin even dropped hints that there may be a newsworthy international political summit at this year’s BudTrader Ball.

With McLaughlin at the helm since 2016, has been at the forefront of creating spectacles with their events and parties. Last year’s BudTrader Ball, held in Encinitas, CA, made local and national news and was attended by 250 of the industry’s best and brightest minds, along with many celebrities, sports stars, Olympic athletes and politicians. In July, the brand rented a yacht in the San Diego Harbor during Comic Con 2017 and threw a star-studded party that quickly became legend when BudTrader’s yacht was surreptitiously evicted from the marina on the third day of the event by officials. is the largest online marijuana marketplace in the world, and receives millions of page views monthly, with over one million registered users. The platform is available in the 29 states in the U.S. where cannabis is legal, along with Puerto Rico and Canada.

The 2018 BudTrader Ball will be held at an undisclosed location in Los Angeles, and will run from 8PM - 1AM. This is a red carpet event and the dress code is black tie and will be strictly enforced.

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