, a health and wellness blog portal, recently published pithy health and fitness tips doled out by top fitness experts. The contributors to the website are mostly physicians, fitness gurus, nutritionists and gym trainers. The editors of the online portal said readers who want to read health and wellness tips regularly could just subscribe to the newsletter and join the mailer list to stay in the loop. They said that subscribers to the website are emailed at regular intervals so that they can take informed decisions when it comes to choosing a healthy diet or choosing between two workout styles.

The editors said that their prime objective is to stop their readers and subscribers from turning to expensive medicines. They stated that preventing common and chronic diseases and even family ailments are possible if someone follows a strict diet and fitness regime. They said that their health and fitness experts share pithy fitness tips with their readers through the blog section. They also maintained that if someone religiously follows their blog, they can easily get friendly and useful fitness pieces of advice from the top health experts, including physicians and nutritionists.

Besides offering free tips and bits of advice, the online portal also conducts group fitness classes online and group wellness programs so that people can follow a fitness regime which suits their lifestyle. The editors and owners of the online portal said that people of all age groups are free to join the group fitness classes which are conducted by top fitness gurus. They said anybody interested in joining the classes could just fill up an online form to get in touch with them and enroll for a course.

One of the editors and co-owners of the online portal said, “We want to make fitness an easily achievable target for our readers and subscribers. People who are interested in reading the fitness tips or joining the classes can just fill up an online form and get in touch with us”.

About the Company is a wellness blog portal offering group fitness classes as well.

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