There is no denying that project managers are aware of the fast-changing pace of the world around them. The good news, according to training course provider Training Deals, is that today’s project managers can prepare for change and embrace emerging trends and the impact they have on their profession.

Emphasis on strategic vision

The project manager of the future will need to place more emphasis on strategic planning. That’s because they will likely become more responsible for determining which projects are likely to both progress and align with a business’s goals. It’s also a strong possibility that future project managers may need to take a more holistic approach in their work.

An education revolution

Another insight into the future of project management is that tomorrow’s managers will evolve by learning their skills and experience in different ways. While PRINCE2 provides the clear foundation for project management, people will also need to hone their interpersonal skills as well. Training will include more focus on the human aspect of project management.

Plus, there will be a shift in the way that professionals learn how to become project managers. Today, most people learn through a variety of methods. In the future, it is extremely likely that those professionals will learn exclusively through online means, given the broad availability of the Internet to all within the UK.

Practical project management training

Future project managers are likely to find that there will be more hands-on training for their profession. There will be more emphasis on real-life experience as part of the training experience, in addition to the usual certification process.

What that means is future project managers in the making are likely to work with training content that offers more practical links to the industry. Examples include the open discussion and exchange of project management experiences, and encouragement to share practical case study experiences with others at conferences and seminars.

Automation will allow project managers to build better relationships

While there is no getting away from the fact that automation is becoming commonplace in all industries, it will have a positive impact on project managers of the future. Firstly, it will help them hone their communication skills with colleagues and project stakeholders. And, secondly, it will encourage project managers to refine their diplomacy skills.

Ultimately, those two changes will encourage the project manager of the future to help build better professional relationships with their peers.

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