Travis Gillespie, DDS, and Mary Brummett, DDS, a full-service Hutchinson-based dental clinic that provides everything from sedation dentistry, to regular tooth cleanings and checkups, this week excitedly announced they will be hosting a Back to School Kids Dental Day on Friday, August 11.

Designed for children entering pre-school or kindergarten, the special kids dental day is for kids who have never been to the dentist before. The event will provide a free dental visit for all the children in attendance, as well as work towards assuaging their fears about dental trips.

“This community and family-oriented event will introduce young children to the concept of dentistry and how it can be fun,” said Dr. Travis Gillespie. “Many children develop irrational fears about visiting any kind of doctor’s office – we want to show them through this fun, hands-on event that visiting the dentist is an enjoyable part of life.”

To attend the Back to School Kids Dental Day, children must be between the ages of 4 to 5. Specific appointment times will be reserved in advance, with teeth cleaning and fluoride treatment being provided during the event.

Perfect for kids who have never been to the dentist, or who are just overdue for a checkup, the Back to School Kids Dental Day was curated to promote oral healthiness and comfort to children of young ages.

“If we show kids at a young age how fun and important the dentist is for their health, they’ll never develop a distaste for it as they grow older,” said Dr. Gillespie and Dr. Brummett. “Spread the word, and call our office as soon as possible before appointments are all filled.”

To reserve a spot today, call: 620-663-9133.

For more information, visit:

Travis Gillespie, DDS / Mary Brummett, DDS
Address: 200 E. 30th St., Hutchinson, KS 67502
Phone: 620-663-9133

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