TriMark Legal Funding Extends “Overwhelmingly Popular” Automatic-Approval Lawsuit Loans

EUGENE, OR - TriMark Legal Funding LLC, one of the nation's leading pre-settlement funding companies, announced today that, due to overwhelming popularity, it has extended its Coronavirus / COVID-19 automatic-approval emergency lawsuit cash advance program originally launched on March 24th.
No ending date has been set.

The program provides $3,500 in immediate cash assistance to people who are currently involved in civil lawsuits, are impacted by Coronavirus/COVID-19, and need money right now.

Plaintiffs nationwide are strongly encouraged to apply for this risk-free pre-settlement funding from TriMark and take advantage of this truly unprecedented, automatic-approval initiative.

To apply right now, please visit or call (877) 932-2628 and one of our friendly experts will be happy to assist you. Due to much heavier than normal call volume, the fastest way to receive automatic approval is to apply online.

TriMark Legal Funding is committed to helping every eligible person in the United States.

Program highlights:
• Automatic $3,500 approval
• No credit checks
• No case documents required
• No underwriting fees
• Low, non-compounding rates
• Only repay after you win your case

Millions of businesses have closed, and tens of millions of Americans are unemployed due to government-mandated stay-at-home quarantines. TriMark Legal Funding intends to help as many struggling people as possible. There are no credit checks, no case documents required, and TriMark has waived their standard underwriting fees for this offer.

Lawsuit funding approval is based on the strengths and merits of an underlying lawsuit and repayment is only required after the case is resolved successfully.

This offer is available to plaintiffs nationwide who are involved in civil lawsuits and who need cash now, before their cases settle.

How Coronavirus Lawsuit Loans Work
Plaintiffs with qualifying cases* and no prior funding can apply for an immediate $3,500 no-documentation, automatic-approval lawsuit cash advance. Existing clients and anyone with prior settlement funding from any other company are ineligible for this offer. TriMark has eliminated its documentation requirements for this offer and has also waived its normal underwriting fees.

Here is what TriMark needs to automatically approve a case for pre-settlement funding:

1). Completed application
2). Copy of the plaintiff’s driver’s license or state-issued ID
3). A brief conversation with the plaintiff’s attorney

Pre-settlement funding agreements are executed electronically via DocuSign and funds can be wired directly into a plaintiff’s checking account or sent FedEx Overnight in as little as 24 hours.

Standard documentation and case evaluation are required for additional funding requests after the initial $3,500, for all requests over $3,500, and for all requests that require the buyout of any previous funding.

T Thomas Colwell, CEO of TriMark Legal Funding commented, “Many plaintiffs with pending litigation were already cash-strapped and struggling before the Coronavirus pandemic. After nearly 6 weeks of mandatory business closures and stay-at-home orders, and with no real end in sight yet, many of those same people are now out of money, out of time and out of options. They are truly frightened. To make matters worse, most courts are closed indefinitely, and that will cause an already lengthy legal process to take even longer. TriMark created, and has now extended, this program to be a lifeline for people who are in dire straits right now and need financial help immediately.”

TriMark Legal Funding provides lawsuit funding on virtually all types of personal injury claims including motor vehicle accidents, catastrophic injuries, medical malpractice, wrongful death and all settled but as-yet unpaid cases. This also includes premises liability cases, product liability (individual and multidistrict litigation), civil rights violations, police misconduct and sexual abuse. TriMark also offers funding on most employment lawsuits and workplace injuries including Jones Act maritime injuries, FELA railroad workers injuries and workers compensation.

TriMark Legal Funding was founded in 2003 and provides pre-settlement funding, post-settlement funding, and law firm funding nationwide from $500 to $5,000,000+.

Disclaimer – TriMark Legal Funding offers non-recourse lawsuit cash advances to plaintiffs. While commonly referred to as lawsuit loans, settlement loans, lawsuit settlement loans, etc., they are not loans. A non-recourse lawsuit cash advance requires no monthly payments, and repayment of the advance is contingent upon a successful settlement or jury verdict. If the case is lost or does not settle, the plaintiff is not required to repay the advance.

* Restrictions and exclusions apply. Visit for details.

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TriMark Legal Funding LLC
1056 Green Acres Rd #102 Eugene, OR 97408
Email: [email protected]
Phone: (877) 932-2628
T Thomas Colwell

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