Trumpray is one company that specializes in research, production, development as well as design of innovative products. One of the fines products from the company is Love Lamp. The Lamp has amazing quality of settings alarms. They also have the capability to play music in the rooms and play that music through any wireless Bluetooth speakers.

The mushroom table lamp has also the capability of displaying various fun graphics on small screen. One can easily draw up drawing smileys and even text massages on THE display area. One can also record personal voice massages that can be then made to playback later. All these functions can be regulated through the APP.

This product has now been made available at Interested buyers can now easily get hold of the product and get it with the help of amazon cart. They won’t be required to go to amazon website and then search the product, as the Trumpray website itself displays the amazon cart in the upper right corner of the website.

The electronic company, Trumpray has more than 9 years of experience in producing innovative products like Love Lamp. With every passing year, the company becomes better at their designing and technology part. The intelligent product, Love Lamp has actually many features to die for. The lamp is perfect for small home parties, since it can easily set the mood.

The lamp can change colours and can generate music that has 100 percent clarity of sound. The product has more than 100 colours to match. The product also has 4 brightness levels as well as dimness. The lamp as well has the ability to change colours with music.

About Trumpray:

The company Trumpray is offering Love Lamp at a reasonable cost at Amazon website. The website also has a separate section for shop, which allows customers to even buy this product from the website itself.

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Company: Trumpray Technology
Address: Shenzhen City, China
Phone:+86-755-2772 6897
EMail: [email protected]

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