With the pound tanking against the Euro, many Brits are turning to Turkey for a last minute holiday destination.

Holiday booking sites have noticed that this is a very recent trend (most of these last minute bookings to Turkey are to resorts in August and September). Brits who may have rejected the idea of a holiday abroad at the beginning of the year are clearly reconsidering their options as summer draws to a close.

‘In the first two weeks of July there has been a 200% increase in bookings to Turkey compared to the same period as the previous month’ states Nick Lima, head of marketing at A1 Travel.

Turkey’s appeal as a last minute getaway is thought to be due to a number of factors. Not only are holiday prices to Turkey cheap, but living costs are very low, making it an attractive place for a holiday on a budget. The average cost of a pint in a resort such as Marmaris equates to £2. An average meal in a restaurant meanwhile comes to £3.69.

A non-EU member, Turkey requires only a £20 visa to enter on a 90 day term. Whilst EU countries such as Spain and Greece may not require such as visa (as of now), the falling exchange rate is making these previously cheap last minute holiday destinations less of a bargain when compared to what Turkey offers.

The exchange rate between Turkey and the UK currently sits at 4.60 lira to the pound. Whilst this rate fluctuates slightly, it has remained far more stable than many other currencies such as the Euro. It many tourist hotspots, it’s possible to pay in many places with pounds, making it unnecessary to even transfer a lot of money and save money on the transfer fee.

Turkey starts to get cooler in September as Summer comes to an end, however despite the reduction in temperature, it is relatively hot for Brits. Whilst temperatures will generally stay in the thirties throughout June, July and August, they dip into the twenties in September. It is unlikely however that this temperature ever dips below 20 C. Rainfall meanwhile is a tiny 10mm on average even in September.

There are many attractive features of Turkey including its beaches, its food and its activities. In many resorts you can find an array of water sports on offer such as parasailing, water-skiing and scuba diving. There are plenty of excursions on offer catering to those that want a leisurely cultural adventure or perhaps something more active such as a jeep safari. Much of Turkey’s tourist industry is a result of a recent boom in the last decade. Could Turkey be about to have an even bigger tourism boom?

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