At the end of last year, the British Vetinary Association publicly announced that the UK’s pet obesity epidemic is a serious concern, with over 60% of vets stating obesity is their biggest worry. Some poor pooches are simply not getting enough exercise. In some cases, it’s because the dogs or their owners are incapacitated due to illness or old age. In other cases, it’s because some dog owners sadly claim to be too busy with work to give their dog sufficient exercise. Regardless of daily walks, much of the animal obesity is linked to poor diet. Owners who let their dogs eat leftovers and human treats could be doing serious harm to their family pets by feeding them a high-fat-content diet without realising.

An 80lb Jack Russell is an example for us all

Recently, a suffering 80lb Jack Russell named Pearl was rescued from the USA by a Welsh lady. New owner Hayley has treated Pearl to slow and steady exercise at the gym and plenty of walks. Like Hayley, one UK company is also on a mission to help tackle obesity, by allowing dogs to “Always Adventure”, whatever the weather. Scottish founder John is a fan of wildlife and adventuring through the rugged Highlands, and has named the company Tyker after the Scottish term for “any fellow adventurer with four furry paws”.

Gather all the right gear to explore the UK’s terrain with your four legged friends

Tyker Store offer a wide range of hard-wearing dog accessories and toys for all breeds. The collection includes travel items like roll up dog beds, and dog backpacks, insulated jackets, and high-performance clothing which are ideal for owners and their dogs to adventure and even camp together around the UK’s varied terrain and weather conditions. “Growing up in Scotland, I spent my life surrounded by wildlife and extreme weather. I soon learnt the hard way that what’s needed is equipment you can rely on. I became frustrated when I couldn’t find it anywhere. Which is why I started Tyker. I believe dogs deserve the same high standards in outdoor kit as we do.” Says John, Founder of Tyker.

Tyker are currently running a special promotion on their best-selling, hard-wearing, five-star range of dog toys to keep Tykers busy and beat boredom on those rest and recovery days, and a variety of other items can be found on their website.

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To see sale items and the full range of Tyker products visit: . For more information about the Tyker Store ethos, call 01313 413 061. Tyker Ltd., 5a Dean Park Mews, Edinburgh EH4 1EE

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