Dallas, Texas – According to Dr. Andre Camelli, the human body has the power to heal and improve itself. Having helped thousands of patients with his unique approach towards genetics and self-healing, he has now released a new book to help a wider spectrum of people. The new book presents a systematic approach and is packed with unique strategies to help readers unlock their genetic potential. The book is stated to help readers defeat diseases, improve performance and elevate metabolism, among many other things.

Titled Cracking The Code: Unlock Your Genetic Potential, the book features pictures and stories of several patients who recovered within a short time by using Dr. Camelli’s techniques. All of those techniques have also been documented in this book, along with an array of other tips, techniques and recipes to make disease-causing genes dormant. The book also features a 21-day Genetic Jumpstart Program that Dr. Camelli describes as a “time-tested turnkey system to strengthen weak links”. With customized techniques and a strategic approach towards self-healing, readers will learn how to gain energy and mental clarity, how to sleep better, how to deal with stress, how to strengthen the immune system and much more. Ultimately, this will help readers improve the overall quality of their life.

Dr. Camelli has helped thousands of patients during his private practice career that spans two decades. He specializes in human performance/epigenetics and uses his techniques to treat an array of conditions ranging from serious diseases to irregularities in metabolism and cognitive function. While still continuing his private practice, Dr. Camelli has now released Cracking The Code in an endeavor to reach out to a larger demographic of people who can benefit from his techniques.

“This book will guide you and your family in achieving the health and quality of life you deserve. Thanks, Dr. Camelli, for empowering us to heal, and for sharing a simple process to follow. You will be inspired to put your health as a priority and fulfill your true potential,” stated the author of The Power of Self-Healing in a review of Cracking The Code.

Dr. Andre Camelli is available for interviews.

Cracking The Code: Unlock Your Genetic Potential is now available on Amazon.com.
Book preview: http://www.amazon.com/dp/B0781SY59Z

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