Horrible attorney’s James Woodall's and attorney Bradley (Brad) Carr has been alleged to threaten one of their clients with Rico charges to ensure the forceful acceptance of a fraudulent settlement offer. Upon refusal of the offer, Brad Carr allegedly withdrew from the case with James Woodwall taking over.

James Woodall took over the case and lied through his teeth many times. This led to a series of court cases, for fraud and negligent misrepresentation because of his lies. The most recent settlement offer proposed by James Woodall was later canceled by him.

Multiple BBB complaints have also been filed against him particularly concerning his immoral and unethical actions. Bradley Carr in order to change the BBB complaints has changed his business names several times.

James Woodwall surprisingly does not hide his threats to his clients, emphasizing the fact that they could be in for Rico charges. James is also reported to admit being fraudulent and negligently misrepresenting his clients. James has also been reported not to deny canceling settlement offers after his clients have accepted them.

James’ allegedly terribly defines "Egregious" in a way that suits his intentions. In a child custody case, James offered to transfer child support from his client’s bank account and subsequently mailing the child support to his client.

While no fees were ordered for a fraud case involving James Woodall, the attorney actually paid his client secretly with the condition of his client intentionally failing to submit the proof service.

James Woodwall was a former military man who was reportedly discharged from service dishonorably and there are indications that these same evil acts led to his dismissal.

The public should be wary of these individuals, as they have helped in making bad situations even worse.

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