K. Bradley Carr and James H. Woodwall have once again become popular. However, like previous times, not for the good reasons. The lawyers have previously made headlines after accusations of rip-offs and sexual harassment of their clients, especially the female ones.

The attorneys have been in the news in recent times for the wrong reasons, as several of their clients have reported instances where they did not only get less than they bargained for, but were also exploited by these two. Bradley and James through their firm have been reported to charge exorbitant fees for the services they fail to deliver in most cases.

The pair runs a law firm, Carr & Woodall, PLLC, with Utah bar number 14428. Bradley Carr has particularly been identified as the major culprit involved in the harassment of female clients, while his partner, James Woodwall covers up the evil acts.

Bradley Carr and his partner gave also been accused of falsely carting away with monies belonging to their clients in the name of providing legal services that were never rendered. Reports have it that this act has led to the collapse of several families and even businesses not only in Utah but across the US, with some of the victims depending on the refund to get back on track.

With several reports portraying Bradley and his partner James as frauds and individuals that have selfishly enriched their pockets with other people’s monies, it is worth having a second thought when considering doing business with them or their law firm.

Losing a legal case is one thing, but losing out due to the negligence and dubious acts of an institution that was supposed to duly represent is even more painful and that has allegedly been the case of the clients of Carr & Woodall, PLLC.

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Phone: (801) 254-9450
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