DESTROY Distressing Infections-- Germs-- Microorganisms's as well as Extra! UV Sanitizer Machines!
Now offered to the public, a (Business UV Light Sanitizer Machine) The very same (UL Light Sanitizers made use of in health centers!
Kill the #coronavirus, #covid 19-- sanitize #arcade #games, house game rooms, and also much more!
Sanidyne, Sanidyne UL Lighting, FIGHT the coronavirus, and various other harmful infection, microorganisms's!
Yes, it holds true! We at IN THE NEW AGE are better known for offering both industrial game games, pinball machines as well as jukeboxes. However, we have discovered a HIGH-DEMAND for viral security in both the commercial field also completion residence user!
We entertain that sell whatever rom devices, food, garments, furniture, as well as even game rooms like Chuckie Cheese wanting a HIGH-END industrial UV (Ultraviolet) machine to disinfect their centers, furthermore, creating a SAFE atmosphere for their customers!
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With the RISK of the Corona virus, AKA, COVID-19, having the exact same UV lights used in the clinical area is perhaps the greatest METHOD of ERADICATING so many DREADFUL and also even LIFE-THREATENING Viruses, Germs, MOLD, and also other DANGEROUS GERMS!
First, what is germicidal ultraviolet?
UV-C light is germicidal-- i.e., it shuts off the DNA of germs, infection and other virus as well as therefore damages their capability to increase as well as cause disease. Particularly, UV-C light triggers damages to the nucleic acid of bacteria by forming covalent bonds between certain surrounding bases in the DNA. The development of such bonds avoids the DNA from being unzipped for replication, and the microorganism is unable to duplicate. In fact, when the organism tries to reproduce, it dies.
What are the useful uses of germicidal ultraviolet?
Ultraviolet technology is a non-chemical technique to disinfection. In this method of sanitation, nothing is included that makes this process simple, cost-effective and requires very reduced upkeep. Ultraviolet purifiers utilize germicidal lamps that are developed and also computed to produce a particular dosage of ultraviolet (generally a minimum of 16,000 microwatt secs per square centimeter however lots of devices have a much higher dosage.) The concept of style is based on a product of time and also strength-- you have to have a certain amount of both for a successful style.
Below are simply a few of the applications:
Regular applications for the Sanidyne consist of:
- Operating Rooms
- Person Areas
- Laboratories.
- Childcare centers.
- Residential properties; Residences, houses, condominiums.
- Tidy Areas.
- Open up Workspace.
- Homeless Shelters.
- Auditoriums.
- Resort Areas.
- Gymnasiums.
- Morgues.
- Open Office Locations.
- Office complex.
- Stockrooms.
- Any area where completely placed fixtures are not an alternative.
The items are called Sanidyne.
We market three various business UL Light sanitation machines:.
Sanidyne UV Portable Air as well as Surface Sanitizers.
Making use of one of our Sanidyne UV Portable Air and also Surface Sanitizers in your house, workplace, or other indoor residence is like DROPPING A NUKE on those EVIL and THREATENING viruses, including the all new, yet, a lot of recognized coronavirus!
Additionally, when the corona infection pandemic mores than with, it like so several various other viruses, as well as various other undesirable bacteria will still be prowling in the air we take a breath. In addition, it is TIME to constantly STAY PREPARED for the NEXT BIG viral disease, or viral infection pandemic!
Also, what's wonderful about the Sanidyne UV Lights, is that they are portable. Anyone can keep them in a garage, or a few other place and also roll them indoors when you feel you require to use it. Likewise, pack it in your car and take it to a friend's home or a member of the family as well as DESTROY the CRAP out of those DISTRESSING infections, bacteria, Mold, Yeast as well as some lots of various other germs!
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UV Light Sanitizers.

We at IN THE NEW AGE are better recognized for selling both industrial game games, pinball machines and also jukeboxes. UV-C light is germicidal-- i.e., it deactivates the DNA of microorganisms, infection and also various other virus and also hence destroys their capacity to increase and also trigger condition. Specifically, UV-C light triggers damages to the nucleic acid of bacteria by forming covalent bonds between specific surrounding bases in the DNA. What's wonderful about the Sanidyne UV Lights, is that they are mobile. Pack it in your vehicle and take it to a good friend's residence or a family members participant and OBLITERATE the CRAP out of those TERRIBLE infections, bacteria, Mold and mildew, Yeast and some many various other bacteria!

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