The executive recruitment scam is a serious problem many people and companies are falling victim to.  New York City executive recruiting experts Valley Recruitment Inc. are doing their best to raise awareness and help keep executives safe.

May 9, 2017 - When it comes to staying safe when dealing with potentially dangerous situations, experts agree, knowledge can be very powerful.  Unfortunately in a recent development in this area, more and more often companies (or more properly criminals disguised as companies) are engaging in well thought out executive recruitment scam methods, that if fell for, can have very devastating results.  Valley Recruitment Inc. based in New York City are helping to shed a light on these dangers.  The company is best known for providing premium quality, comprehensive executive search services for over three decades, so they are extremely well experienced in all things related to job recruiting, especially concerning executives.

“Since we are so passionate about our industry, it's only natural we do our part to expose these people using it as a smoke screen for their crimes,” commented a spokesperson for Valley Recruitment Inc.  “The executive recruiting scam is a serious problem and we don't want to see anyone get taken for a ride.”

According to the recruitment experts at Valley Recruitment Inc., the executive recruitment scam usually takes the form of a fraudster pretending they were a legitimate agent — or even doing fraud in addition to being a low-rent, low-quality recruitment source.  The scam generally plays out with the recruiter promising the executive a well paying job in a foreign country and when the person arrives, not only is there no job, but their passport is in the possession of true violent criminals who then force them into working in grueling manual labor — or worse.

The second very common use of the executive recruiting scam has the criminally minded “recruiter” asking for large cash fees, in advance, from the job searcher.  Two things — asking for large payments and asking for advance payments, which no legitimate service would ever do.  This money is then stolen, an excuse is made, and the “great job opportunity” never materializes.

With these kind of scams in mind, no smart executive or smart company should ever get tied up with these kind of people.  An always better option is going with true professionals, like Valley Recruitment Inc., who only strive for “wins” with everyone involved in the job placement:  the executive, the company who are in need of help and Valley Recruitment Inc. themselves.  30 years in recruitment has shown this is the only sustainable, proven path of success, not in running pathetic executive recruitment scam tactics.

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