Walusimbi & Co. has just launched a Small Business Idea Exchange Centre to bring valuable information and services to small business owners in East Africa.

Walusimbi & Co.’s Small Business Ideas Exchange Centre aims to provide a collaborative virtual space for small business owners and aspiring small business owners to connect, share and learn from one another.

“I found from our small business seminars last year that there’s a real desire and need for a small business centre, albeit virtual, where information, education and networking can take place” said Walusimbi & Co. owner Mark Walusimbi.

A key feature of the centre is its availability for hosting events in virtual space such as seminars and workshops, networking events, webinars, art exhibitions and product and service launches.

“Finding an affordable, dynamic and inspiring events venue space for small businesses to host events, showcase their designs and products and connect with clients can be really challenging. So our virtual business centre is all about changing it up, giving opportunities to fellow small business owners to have a space that is accessible at all times independent of one’s location,” said Mark.

Seminars and workshops will centre on topics such as small business ideas development, retail merchandising, creative business owner skills, women in business, business strategy and planning, and marketing strategy and planning.

Consulting services will also be available at the centre, providing small business owners an opportunity to connect with dynamic professionals passionate about small business and success.

“Making real connections with like minded entrepreneurs as well as industry and government representatives through virtual networking and educational events helps business owners grow healthy businesses,” explained Mark.

Those who will benefit most from the services available at the centre include service business owners, creative individuals, retailers, cottage industry creators, consultants, designers and artisans, mumpreneurs and emerging artists.

“By celebrating creativity and innovation in we aim to inspire all who come to learn, connect and grow.”

Walusimbi & Co. Small Business Idea Exchange Centre is located in Nairobi, Kampala and Dar es Salaam.

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