According to the Barometer of Vacation Rental in Spain, produced by HomeAway, it is estimated that between 2014 and 2016 8 million people in Spain chose this type of accommodation. This represents a little more than 35%.

According to the same study, among the segments that most choose a tourist home, are first families, with 45% of reservations. It is followed by couples, with 32% and groups of friends, with 20% as say barcelona apartments.

People who decide to reserve a house for tourist use do so at relatively short notice. 50% book between 15 days and two months in advance. And they value as main aspects of price and location.

In addition, the average length of stay in these accommodations is 5.7 nights and the average size of the group of 4 people.

Among the advantages that users highlight when staying in tourist homes are the following;

Price. The average price is usually lower than that of hotels. However, the total expenditure made by tourists throughout their stay is similar to that of other types of accommodation.

I deal with the owner. The personal and direct relationship is valued. It involves receiving explanations and specific information about the area and activities.

Location. The individual houses offer the possibility of staying in privileged areas. Localities and neighbourhoods are available.

Privacy. Independence and intimacy are maintained, but knowing that there is a contact person for any incident.
Space. Whether you are travelling with your family, a couple or with friends, having space is important. Having different rooms makes you feel more comfortable. In addition, access to the kitchen offers freedom in the choice of menu and timetables.

Equipment. The houses are equipped with utensils and electrical appliances. Options such as a dishwasher, washing machine or a large refrigerator are very valuable.

Exclusivity. The aspect of choosing a unique environment is a relevant value for many of the people who choose this type of accommodation. It contributes to creating an experience of integration in the place.

There are many advantages for people who decide to rent a tourist accommodation, but some disadvantages can also be considered.

Cleaning The house is delivered clean, but during the stay this service is not carried out. The preparation of meals and making the purchase, is also the responsibility of the traveler.

Attention Although there is a contact person who has to be available, the tourist stays independently. It is important to get to know each other well and assess whether the absence of a reception or service in the establishment is relevant to us and to what extent.

Breakdowns. Breakdowns can occur inside the house, in the best of cases it is solved in an agile way and without major consequence. But it can happen that it demands the change to another dwelling. As they are single dwellings, this change will be equivalent, but it can never be the same.


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