Wiscloud Inc., a Smart Home Technology company, is launching their IndieGoGo crowdfunding campaign on Cyber Monday, November 27 2017 in response to an ever-increasing demand for Smart Home technology products with an unmatched network from the Internet of Things and Smart Home Technology sectors.

Wiscloud Inc. will help customers connect with, automate their environment and access the Internet of Things so they can tailor the functions to their unique lifestyle with innovative technology. Wiscloud Inc. is one of the veterans part of a growing trend to help people make the most from the technology in their space by controlling the devices remotely and securely. For over 10 years, the company has been working with direct consumers automating their homes, developers for new constructions and for commercial applications such as offices, government and agriculture.

Technology Innovation for a Modern Lifestyle

Anthony Roberts, Sales Manager of Wiscloud Inc. explains: "Wiscloud's Smart Home is the perfect way to simplify the safety, health, convenience, time and energy use of your home life. Prepare for energy-saving emission reduction, a safer environment and more control of your technology. Stop wasting your time and money - start living your modern lifestyle."

Coincidentally, the Smart Home System is also very practical for caring for the elderly. Smart Switches, Smart Outlets and other automation devices ease the burden of less physically able elders or disabled individuals. The system allows close ones to remotely monitor, assist and respond to emergency situations to keep them safe.

Wiscloud Inc. works by connecting all the available devices in the space, letting you set up your custom preferences and desired actions, then enabling you to control everything in that area remotely through multiple devices. Our mesh network allows devices to automatically find the shortest signal path between devices. A single controller can connect to over 60,000 devices, without any complex configurations. It’s the perfect wireless control, providing smart homes and cities a stable and secure neural network.

A Prorietary Network That Outperforms Wifi and Bluetooth in Capabilities, Reach and Security

The company offers Smart Home Technology products with an unmatched powerful network: the Wiscloud Nebula. Our patented Nebula communication protocol is a narrow-band, cellular, ad hoc network of ultra-low power wireless communications, with low latency real-time communications. It’s a new solution to current IoT wireless control stability issues, with automatic renewal and networking.

Based in Lake Elsinore, Southern California, Wiscloud Inc. currently employs more than 200 worldwide staff and has plans to recruit more over the next twelve months. The company is launching their newly refined products in the North American market through a crowdfunding campaign, to improve the user experience, expand on the technology's features and grow the US team by hiring innovative people with a passion in the IOT industry.

The quickly growing target market is estimated at more than $15 Billion this year alone, projected to grow to $53.45 billion by the year 2022, according to Forbes.

Prior to launching, the company's founder John Hu, Chief Executive Officer worked as an Internet of Things Master, bringing his experience and his innovation to Wiscloud to help connect the world and maximize the potential of our technology. While the company is a decade in business, its innovative technological experts encompass over two decades of innovations and computing platform experience.

You can contribute to the crowdfunding campaign and reserve your very own Smart Home Automation System on IndieGoGo by visiting: https://igg.me/at/wiscloud or learn more about Wiscloud at SmartHome.iWiscloud.com

For more information contact: Dennis Wong, Marketing Director (909) 228-0080 [email protected] or Joyce O Reyes, Strategic Growth Specialist (909) 480-8141

About Wiscloud Inc.
Wiscloud Inc. is a Smart Home Technology company based in Lake Elsinore, Southern California and founded by Jack Woo, Chief Executive Officer in 2007 to help customers in the Smart Home Technology market to connect with, automate their environment and access the Internet of Things so they can tailor the functions to their unique lifestyle.

With its strong hardware and software R & D team and technical strength, Wiscloud has always stood at the forefront of the Internet development and adheres to the concept of "mastering core technologies, developing products with independent intellectual property rights and continuously innovating" and adhering to the principle of "Passion and Cooperation , Care and Sharing ". We aim to master the core technologies of the Internet of Things industry and strive to become the world's leading supplier of products and solutions for IoT.

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