The next generation Professional Social Network incorporates a "certifier" and rating system certified by a smart contract, with a sector-specific e-commerce.

The Word-of-Mouth market is worth over 189 billion dollars and has over 116 million operators. The growing popularity of social networks has further boosted the industry and has allowed the proliferation and diffusion of "unverified" information on the real ethical-professional qualities of companies, operators, and partners.

The Eucleia platform WMPRO blockchain satisfy the need for a decentralized, secure, inviolable, certified database, with truthful and transparent information on the features of the companies and their operators.

The developed solution to reduce risks and provide a positive impact is an ERC20 based token, liquid and tradable on all exchanges, with specific functionalities.

• WMPRO blockchain certifying system that provides ranks and reputation, payable by WMPRO tokens;
• WMPRO - Token’s own stablecoin;
• WMPRO - decentralized largest word-of-mouth shopping service platform, payable by WMPRO tokens;
• Limited supply of WMPRO Tokens
• No Additional mining

Eucleia social platform revolves around the idea of allowing users to hold onto their crypto currency and spend cash at the same time on necessary purchases of services with a unique platform that met market’s needs. All existing socials on the planet could be interested in such a technology, all existing word-of-mouth companies, referral systems and influencers as well.

The market and the impact of the project is huge and needs improvement for all involved parties. Giving credibility, offering needed services and certifying users, will support and will help the market growth. Users will display the “WMPRO certified” sticker on socials and websites. Going viral, the notoriety of the project will spread quickly as it’s already happening in few hours!

WMPRO steps in the platform because it’s blockchain allows users to be certified, and to buy needed services need in the industry using WMPRO tokens.

With WMPRO, sending and receiving crypto payment will be as easy as a simple click. Allowing for the first time a true Smart Contract between professionals in the industry of direct sales, to provide complete transparency, with every transaction and data being recorded, and visible to the public. This is in effect what the world has been waiting for, for the industry to seamlessly merge with crypto currency transactions.

Spending crypto assets in real products and services today supports crypto currency holders in gaining from any future growth in asset value.

WMPRO will be also used for special bonuses from all direct sales companies and will also be used as incentive and special benefits/gifts for referral programs. This impactful combination will create an high demand and will support the token value.

The sale is starting n july 20th with a + 40% bonus. During the sale there will be different stages of bonuses untill the end on october 31th.

KYC is required to join the sale and purchase tokens for TGE.
0.1 Eth is the minimum purchase required.

Exploring the Opportunity and the potential numbers of the W-O-M and Referral Marketing industries together with the Socials, there’s no doubt that the idea of obtaining a better professional rating and spending WMPRO crypto assets on real products and services will support crypto currency holders on all levels.

Every challenge is an opportunity. With the growing amount of risks surrounding the word-of-mouth and socials industry and the explosion of crypto adoption, we may have the perfect recipe for a change in the future of the entire industry.

Thanks to Eucleia and WMPRO, word-of-mouth, socials, and many other professions and companies will never be the same!

Media Contact:
[email protected]
Francesca Rossi
PR Manager