Orastie, Transylvania, Romania. Today, World of Fun Board Games announces the new project titled “Bring History into Your Home”. The project aims to offer the easiest and most affordable way to set up a table top game with hundreds of figurines. In the long run, the project aims to cover all history ages, ranging from Antiquity to the Second World War. “Bring History into Your Home” will launch a 30 days campaign on Kickstarter starting Wednesday, February 6.

War gaming is an expensive and time-consuming hobby. In order to recreate famous battles from history you need hundreds of figurines and props such as houses and trees. Until now your only option was buying 3D figurines, glue them and paint them. For an army with hundreds of figurines you either need to pay thousands of dollars or to be a very skilled craftsman yourself.

We want to help you build an army of hundreds of figurines, with individual characters, with detailed uniforms and guns, much easier and at a affordable price. You can do that with our innovation WoFun Minis, which are ready for playing flat Plexiglas miniatures printed on both sides. Our goal is to design and produce over 16000 miniatures in the next few years covering all history ages.

At launch we will unveil 2568 figurines spread over 6 main collections:
- Antiquity Collection, which is comprised of the Persian army and Greek army totaling 342 figurines
- The Romans Collection which is comprised of legionaries, light infantry, archers, cavalry and Roman artillery totaling 312 figurines
- American Revolution Collection which is comprised of the Revolutionary army and Royalist army totaling 360 figurines
- Civil War Collection, which is comprised of the Confederate and Union armies totaling 440 figurines
- Wild West Collection which is comprised of the gunfighters, Native Americans, mountain men and outlaws totaling 222 figurines
- Napoleonic Collection, which is comprised of the French, British, Prussian, Austrian and Russian armies totaling 956 figurines

All of the above presented miniatures come in two scales, 18 mm and 28 mm.

You can use the figurines to build your desired army and play one of the hundreds of games whose rules are available to download online.

In addition to that, for every campaign stretch goal reached new rewards will be unlocked like the first board games from Battle in a Box series: Alexander at Arbela, by Panagiotis Bakalis and Napoleon at Waterloo by Jum Dunnigan. Each box includes hundreds of miniatures, playing boards, wargame rules and scenarios, everything you need to recreate an immersive battle on your game table fast and easy.

Alexander at Arbela is a beautiful and complex war game designed by Panagiotis Bakalis, who is a Political Scientist with MA in War Studies and great expertise in strategic and military theory. We chose to illustrate this game because it provides a beautiful wargame experience with clear and easy to learn rules. The game recreates the battle, on a 115 cm x 75 mm board, using 360 figurines and a game mechanics that include the influence of the leader's charisma on troops. Uniforms of the Phalanx, the Immortals, the "shields bearers" sparabara and the miniatures that represent Alexander, Parmenion, Darius, Bessus, and Mazeus armies, will take you into an amazing 2300 years journey, back in time.

Napoleon at Waterloo by Jim Dunnigan is considered by many to be the best game, for those who want to begin their journey into historical wargaming. The author is a well know war-game designer. In 1999 Pyramid magazine named him as one of the millennium's most influential persons "at least in the realm of adventure gaming". The game recreates the battle of Waterloo, on a game board which represents the area where the battle took place, illustrated with 3D props and scenery and 348 figurines (WoFun Minis 18 mm) representing the armies that fought on Sunday, 18 June 1815, at Waterloo. Napoleon at Waterloo marks the beginning of the collaboration with the prestigious war-gaming company Decision Games, who owns the copyrights to the game.

The creators are passionate individuals who were looking to recreate historic battles and realized there were no affordable and fast ways of doing so on the market. With a background in organizational and project management and illustration, photography and graphic design and with a common passion for gaming and history, two friends decided to bring to life their own version of miniatures to enable them and other wargamers from the entire World to bring History into their homes! Today, after more than two years of product development and testing, the team comprises 9 members or collaborators.

WoFun Minis Collections and the Battle in a Box games will be available on Kickstarter starting February 6, 2019, with a lot of attractive packages and early bird rewards. For more information please visit wofun-games.com and subscribe to our newsletter to be updated with information. Also, stay in touch with us and get involved in our community on Facebook and Instagram.

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