There are numerous books discussing about Chinese culture as well as Western Culture but Century Sentence Book is one of the most interesting and at the same time intriguing. This book tackles about Chinese culture Islam, western culture and other countries as presented on the three parts of this book. For those who wanted to gain insight about these topics, Century Sentence is a useful book they can read.

The man behind this book is none other than Xu Xue Chun. He is just an ordinary worker in Mainland China. He was the author of this book and has actually gained praises as well as criticisms regarding his content however; these criticisms are not enough to stop him from conveying his message through his content. Xu Xue Chun used to be a food salesman, cemetery salesman, office equipment salesman, maintenance worker, insurance salesman, P2P financial advisor.

There is a point in Xu Xue Chun’s life that due to poverty, he owed a telephone operator 900 yuan and because of that he was arrested, put into jail and was beaten to death by some group of rogues. At that moment, he swore that he would seek justice from the world. This part of his life has something to do with the book he wrote, the Century Sentence. He aims to use this book to eliminate fraud, evils, hypocrisy and other unpleasant things in the world.

In his book, he also tackles about Chinese culture, Islam and Western culture part by part. Each part therefore contains interesting contents and message that the author bravely relay to the readers. Individuals may have different views and opinions about the things he has written but through his contents, he was able to unveil things and influence the readers somehow.

The author does not really mind about the different views and comments or regardless of how people judge him. He hopes that he can significantly use Century Sentence Book to wash out the dirty souls of human, eliminate hypocrisy, fraud and all evils all over the world. The book is now in Kindle, Hardcover and Paperback format.

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