With prices starting at just £1 per year, you can put your website at the top of the hierarchy of internet domains with a .xyz TLD. Hosting.co.uk is offering .xyz TLDs for the ridiculously low price of £1, so you can show your clientele that you’re a reputable and internet savvy business.

Many believe that this TLD is set to be the future, ending .com dominance once and for all.

Why Use A .xyz TLD?

There are so many reasons to start using a .xyz TLD today. This TLD has had immense popularity ever since it launched, and demonstrates that you can keep up with some of the bigger players online. It’s very popular among large businesses who have a global reach, so if this is something you aim to do, it’s a smart decision for you to make.

Not Country Specific

One of the most popular and desirable TLDs today ends in .xyz, mainly because it is not country specific. You’ll see it with large international corporations or for any website that has a globalised outlook. Companies and people who don’t want to be tied or associated with one specific country can also use this TLD effectively. If you have a dream of targeting worldwide markets with your business, this is the TLD to use.

More About .xyz TLDs

This TLD is fairly new. It was released in late 2014, and by the middle of 2015, 1.5 million website owners had registered to use it. In 2016 it was the fourth most popular TLD in use.

The likes of Google even use this TLD for their site Alphabet.Inc., registering abc.xyz as the domain name. This only added to the popularity of the .xyz TLD.

As this TLD is so new yet so popular, it can say a lot about your company or organisation when you register to use it. You can check out Hosting.co.uk to get started instantly and see what domain names are available for you.

If you’re interested in building your business on a global scale or using .xyz for any of the other benefits, you can use the information below to contact Hosting.co.uk.

Name: Sam
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Address: DomainInvest.LU 11, Rue de Bitbourg, L-1273, Luxembourg
Phone: 020 3514 5647
Email: [email protected]
Website: https://www.hosting.co.uk/xyz-domains/

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