Yallingup Forest Resort, managed by Trevor Storey, has been undertaking fraudulent activities in association with schoolies.com and leavers.com.au managed by Matt Lloyd.

According to the Australian Federal Police, fraud is defined as “Dishonestly obtaining a benefit.” This is what Trevor Storey and Yallingup Forest Resort has done; to gain dishonestly.

An ex-employee of one of the largest Leavers companies in Australia went on record, stating that, “I have mobile-phone recorded testimonies explaining how Trevor Storey had been telling lies to other Leavers companies that they were contracted with. He stated things like I would be getting drunk at their resort and that I was acting at their resort in a manner that pushed young girls to complain against me. It appeared that these lies were told for the sole purpose of gaining a dishonest financial advantage or ransom against the Leavers company I worked for and that they were contracted with. From logic and legal reasoning, this is a clear cut case of serious indictable fraud committed by Trevor Storey and Yallingup Forest Resort. I have filed a report to the Police about Trevor’s conduct."

In an unlikely turn of events, an ex Leaver Miss Jones is on the record as mentioning that “Getting drunk and loose was the way we rolled at Yallingup Forest Resort. One lad was so drunk to the extent of calling the Police to come pick him up from the deck. They chucked him in the bathtub and told him he would have the best time ever to remember and they also removed a bunch of overage security guards that were getting drunk, taking drugs and biting police officers as they were getting arrested. Bloody awesome, I say, even the WA Police are true legends! What’s cool is that Trevor went round and picked up all the empty bottles and cans up for us Leavers. Additionally, he let toolies in as well, and I never minded my men being a little older, if you know what I mean.”

According to a publication by the Western Australian Police Leavers on their website leaverswa.com.au, “The Zone is an alcohol, tobacco and drug-free area. The Zone First Aid area provides non-discriminatory medical support for all those in need.” The publication adds that “Emergency contraception is used to prevent pregnancy if you have unprotected sex with an individual who has no contraception or family planning methods. Some of these are available from authenticated pharmacies, though without a prescription. Care should be taken as the emergency contraceptive pills are not recommended for outgoing contraception and that using them does not amount to abortion.”

This is an advice to parents and the society that if you want your children to stay safe, drug-free, and pregnancy free, then it is imperative to choose wisely next Leavers as to which Leavers accommodation your children stay at. Kindly feel free to be in contact with us through our formal communication channels.

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