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9th of May, New York - Living in the days of constant anxiety and stress should be long gone by now! Yes Baby, a small family business from the USA has thought about the best way to help people be less stressed and has produced the fidget spinner toy.

The brain is designed to function in a certain way, however, with the appropriate means; it is very easy to trick the brain into believing what people need it to believe. By a simple case of manipulation, the brain can focus and manage to work at its best. Placing the fidget between the index finger and the thumb and then spinning it required the brain to rewire itself on the motion the device will create, which means that all the negative emotions and stress will be replaced, at least momentarily with something completely different.

These toys are not to be considered simply stress toys for adults as they can be thoroughly enjoyed by children as well, especially those diagnosed with ADD or ADHD. By spinning the toy, these children will fidget considerably less, leaving space for a certain type of beneficial focus.

Mia I. is the owner of Yes Baby and a woman with determination to change the way certain individuals view certain mental conditions. She wants to prove that with just the right amount of help, these individuals can be integrated in society, and while she starts small at first, by providing the fidget spinner, she makes the promise of thinking of various other means which can soothe these people.


About the Product

The Yes Baby Spinner was launched on Amazon this month and it is made entirely of ABS molded plastic with the bearings encased in a rubber band to make sure they cannot slide out while being used. In turn, these bearings are made of ceramic hybrid material and stainless steel of the highest quality.

Packed in a black elegant box, this device can be given as a gift as well as it also comes in a velvet pouch which will make it easy to be slipped into a pocket and taken everywhere needed.

About the Company

Yes Baby became a reality at beginning of 2016 with the premise of launching products that will improve the lifestyle of their customers. Aiming to distribute their products on Amazon, they consider that there is nothing more gratifying than seeing their customers happy with their purchase and seeing how their lives improve slightly with each use!

Mia I, the owner of Yes Baby mentioned that she currently has in plan various other projects as well and that she will launch further products on the market in the near future!

For further information, please visit use the contact details listed below:

Contact name: Mia. I

E-mail address: [email protected]


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