ZENSUNG™ Singapore PTE. LTD. (ZENSUNG™) and PT. Asuransi Tugu Pratama Indonesia, Tbk (TUGU Insurance) unveil the unique digital Insurance application for their Agents and for Direct to Customer business and brings massive digital transformation to the existing distribution network.

For ZENSUNG™, this is big step towards delivering innovative digital InsurTech solutions and empowering the insurer to stay a step ahead in business. For TUGU Insurance, the partnership is another step in its ‘Reaching New Heights’ spirit and brand transformation strategy, in growing in its preferred segments, passions and its bigger vision to work with people to live a better life.

“Our partnership with TUGU Insurance adds an important dimension to our vision to create better driving experience and improve safety on the roads” said Amod Dixit, Founder & CEO of ZENSUNG™. “Adding AI based agent offering will ensure that we keep our customers ahead in their business, empowering them to stay in control and in line with their growing business demands. We are excited to embark on this journey with TUGU Insurance and we are united in our shared vision. We believe that between our innovative InsurTech capabilities and TUGU Insurance’s unparalleled insurance expertise, we will be able to deliver significant value to our customers.”

“We are excited about the opportunity to partner with ZENSUNG™ to deliver a significant step change in the future of insurance offering in Indonesia. Leveraging our joint digital capabilities, we will provide an innovative solution and a differentiated customer experience to address Insurance agents’ needs”, said Indra Baruna, CEO of TUGU Insurance . “The partnership with ZENSUNG™ represents a shared ambition of becoming a best partner in our customers’ life journey. This is another key step in TUGU Insurance ’s transformation strategy. We are redefining AUTO Insurance in Indonesia and building innovative insurance offerings”.


ZENSUNG Singapore PTE. LTD. (ZENSUNG™) is a InsurTech company from Singapore which has integrated AI and IoT in a mobile app that promotes safer driving and aims to transform digital insurance by offering Telematics policies. AI and IoT provide new streams of real-time data that can be leveraged to derive patterns, mitigate risks and transmit alerts to clients. Learn more at www.zensung.com

Media Contact:
Amod Dixit
Founder & CEO, ZENSUNG Singapore PTE. LTD.
[email protected]

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