Zero Impact On Infinity launches its weekly vlog from the River Zezere in the mountains of Portugal. Discussing world issues, life events and philosophising on things learned through life, Alba paddles on her own along the Zezere river.

With over 20 years working in the charitable sector and with small businesses, mentoring, life coaching and writing both fiction and non-fiction books, Alba decided to move to vloging on issues that face the world today.

Taking the stance of how cultural education affects choices in life, Alba aims to debunk the things she was told on the way through life that have turned out to not be true.  With both humour and tears, the vlog is a short weekly chat to look at issues that face us all.

With the backdrop of western cultures demanding changes, with the rise of dictatorship policies around the world and with the fight for the patriarchy to continue, zero impact on infinity asks the question, what is going on, what can we do about it, and how do we change ourselves.

The vlog comes from the river, a river forged in the ice age, over 2 million years ago.  The name ‘zero impact on infinity’ comes from posing the question, are we really important in the bigger picture of millions of years behind us and million years ahead of us, even though we wont be around very long.

“I have always been curious with the paradoxes in life.  How important are we in the setting of the universe, and yet we are the most important things to ourselves as here we are for a small amount of time so everything we do has meaning.  So the name zero impact on infinity is a question. It felt a great title for my vlog.”  Alba Lewis

The zezere river is the second longest river in Portugal.  Where zero impact from infinity comes from is between two hydroelectric powerplants, which Alba can move between these two plants without currents and often takes the viewer to her favourite waterfall on the river.

Alba Lewis, MBA:
+44 7850955742
[email protected]

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