(New York, NY) – Zora Escapes, LLC (“Zora”), a premier provider of easy and affordable weekend day ski trips for all levels to Hunter Mountain and Mountain Creek in New York, will be launching its 2018 season on January 13, 2018.

Founded in 2017 by Markos Kyriakopoulos and Vasilis Varsakopoulos, Zora quickly became a trusted favorite for New Yorkers looking to escape the city and explore New York’s beautiful skiing scene. Zora is known for its luxury busses and affordable packages, which include discounts on lift passes and equipment.

“We are excited to share the 2018 Zora experience with our customers, both new and returning,” said Vasilis Varsakopoulos, co-founder. “With a refreshed website, some key additions to the team, and a year of experiences and lessons learned, Zora Escapes is primed to deliver an even better skiing and snowboarding experience to New Yorkers this year.”

“During the upcoming season, we have a solid schedule of trips planned to two great Mountains,” added co-founder Markos Kyriakopoulos. “When we founded Zora, the goal was to create a cost-effective trip planning service that would bring outdoor enthusiasts together. Zora Escapes is the ‘easy button’ for skiing and snowboarding in New York City; we take care of everything and make sure everyone has an excellent time.”

Zora added P.J. Beidel to its management team following the 2017 season. Beidel, a former Zora customer, comes with a background in strategy and execution. “I’m thrilled to be part of the Zora team. We are all passionate about everything the company stands for and excited to share it with our customers again in 2018,” he said.

About Zora Escapes, LLC
Zora Escapes is a premier provider of easy and affordable weekend day ski trips for all levels to Hunter Mountain and Mountain Creek. Zora Escapes is a thrill-seeking group of guys and girls on a mission: to help New Yorkers escape from their day-to-day routine by exploring the outdoors. Whether it is on snow or on water, Zora aims to take the headache out of planning and provide our guests with fully seamless trips to the best ski resorts and sailing spots throughout the Northeast. Zora also offers corporate packages and their clientele includes some of the largest organizations in the United States.

To learn more, visit the company’s website at https://zoraescapes.com or contact Zora at [email protected]. Follow Zora Escapes on Facebook or Instagram (@zoraescapes) for updates.

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